The Rental Uniform Service Story   

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Rental Uniform Service: The Waggoner family business legacy of Integrity, Excellence, and Exceptional Service 
by Janette Waggoner Wesley with contributions from many family members.

James and Georgia Waggoner 1899-1950’s

He returned home from military service, at the emergence of a new century. One day before her 17th birthday March 15, 1899, at the home of her father, Benjamin Franklin Damron, James kissed Georgia Damron, and the newlywed couple sprinted out the front door. Their wedding ceremony propelled them toward the pursuit of happiness, and they prepared a home along the Sandy River in Grayson, Kentucky. 

During their first year of marriage, James (seated left) worked as a coal miner, and Georgia (seated right) gave birth to their first son Glen (standing far right).

Over the course of 24 years, James and Georgia raised seven children: Glen (1900), Ella Mae-second from right standing, (1902), Russell Bert center back (1903), Georgia Hazel 3rd from left (1909), Jay 2nd from left (1914), James Elbert (Polly) far left (1916), and William Damron (Bill) not shown (1924). 

Of the adult children, only Ella Mae Waggoner would not take a role in the Rental Uniform Story, however, she was the first business owner of the siblings. 

This web site is devoted to their story, and the story of the building of their company through generations of the Waggoner family.